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Oneg Shabbat

An Oneg Shabbat is the opportunity to give blessing for the food we receive and to show appreciation for all G-d has done for us. One of the honors of Temple Or Rishon (TOR) membership is to host one Oneg annually, and we want to make the experience fun for everyone involved! As a result, we try to connect families by member age group, chauvarahs, or shared interested such as Torah Study or Men's Club.

Three families are assigned each week and are equally responsible for ensuring a successful One. We also assign a number of "alternatie" families each month to help ensure a full team. Click here to view the 2012 Oneg schedule.

In general, the event requires about 2 to 2 1/2 hours on one Friday night and typically $10-$20 in food contributions. Simply coordinate the food selection, arrive a little early to pour the wine and cut the challah, and then clean-up after the event has concluded. Easy!

If families are unable to participate, they simply contact their assigned monthly alternates to check for availability. Members can also switch with another family. If someone is unable to find a replacement, we ask that they consider making a small financial contribution to cover the cost of food and event prepareations. Please inform the TOR office of any substitutions so we can update our online calendar.

Feel free to reference this site at any time during the year to check, or recheck, your assigned date. Click here to view the Hosting Brochure for more information on how to conduct an Oneg Shabbat.

By members sharing their time and talent with the entire congregation, this act of loving-kindness ensures everyone has a warm and cordial environment in which to connect after services.

NOTE: Tot Shabbat will continue as usual, with two families assigned per month. Please click here for the Tot Shabbat Oneg Schedule

Questions? Contact Verde, TOR office manager, at 916-988-4100 or Janine Preston, Oneg Coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


2013 Oneg Shabbat Schedule


2013 Tot Shabbat Oneg Schedule