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Dinner for 8

Dinner for Eight's 2015 Season

The 2015 season of the Dinner for Eight program was attended by over 70 people. The season began with a kick off event held at the temple. This ongoing event was the inspiration of past temple member, Louise Fass, and Dot Anderson. The concept is simple: Bring together 8 people, (sometimes more/sometimes less) known and unknown for a more intimate potluck-style dinner at a "host family's" house. Traditionally, the "host family" prepares the main dish, and attendees fill in the menu. However, the group of eight may plan the menu in any way they like. Often menus are dictated by season; BBQs in the summer, "comfort foods" in the winter.

The DF8 provides the opportunity to meet new people, and renew acquaintances in a smaller setting. As always, the key to such a successful event relies on member participation - hosts are ALWAYS needed, so be sure to volunteer to be one of the hosts for the July 11, or the October 24, Dinner for Eight.

Interested?   Please call Leslie Cohen (916) 652-4107 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..