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Temple Or Rishon is committed to valuing, connecting and involving all of our post Bar/Bat Mitzvah teenagers in Jewish life. we are excited to present an alternative program that recognizes the busy lives of our junior high and high school students and the choices they make.

Our TOR based program offers a multitude of opportunities for learning, community, activism and friendships. Our Teen Or program is designed to strengthen faith in God, love of Torah, and identification with the Jewish people by involving our youth in the Temple, as well as the larger Jewish community.

All of our teens, 8th through 12th grades, will spend time in the classroom with the Rabbi and other positive role models. Students will also have the opportunity to hone their skills as Jewish mentors and teachers through TOR's madrichim (teaching assistants) program, and receive guidance from our madrichim coordinator. Another option for our teens is to become involved in our youth groups. Both TASTY and TASTY Bites provide leadership opportunities for many of our members and avenues of learning about Social Action, Religious and Cultural experiences outside of the temple and in our communities and neighborhoods.

One of the highlights of our teen program is the 10th grade Confirmation year when we talk about timeless matters that challenge every generation. It's an exciting forum where young people will spend extra time with Rabbi Rabishaw and will have the opportunity to discuss issues that are best addressed with intellectual and spiritual maturity.

Our 11th and 12 grade students meet monthly with the Rabbi and other community leaders to help keep them engaged in Jewish learning as they look towards the college years.

SAY, WHAT'S YOUR NAME?! Say: Temple Or Rishon AKA Sunrise Temple Youth! Or you could just say TASTY.




tasty2What do we do? We have scavenger hunt havdallahs in Old Sacramento. We donate toys to needy children for Hanukkah. We have pool parties and theme dances and we take trips to San Francisco. We visit other synagogues to meet Jewish teens like us and we go to Camp Newman for NFTY weekend retreats.

Throughout the school year at Temple Or Rishon, you can look forward to monthly social events that include Jewish cultural values, Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), and holiday celebrations. On top of monthly events, TASTY members are invited to the North American Federation of Temple Youth's (NFTY's) five regional events of the year. These are weekend retreats where 100-150 teenagers from the Central West Region meet up and have the most fun doing Jewish things. This year, TASTY has been asked to host a NFTY event right here at Temple Or Rishon!tasty1

TASTY is a group led organization. This means that members of TASTY decide what kind of programming they would like to hold. An elected board of directors with seven members spends the year gaining leadership experience while creating cool events where everyone has fun and learns something new about themselves. The board elections are held in the spring and eighth graders entering high school are eligible to vote.

Check out our calendar and come to the next event!

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Current Leadership:


President:  Charles Harris

Programming VP:   Jacob Rabishaw

Programming VP:  Jordan Gill

Social Action VP:    Mitch Koumelis

Religious and Cultural VP:    Samantha Epworth

Membership/Communication VP:    Suzie Katz

Treasurer:    Toby Berkson




temple youthTOR has a number of popular youth groups.  Our TASTY youth group serves youth in the grades 9-12.  Our TASTY Bites groups serves youth in the 7th and 8th gradese.   A new Chaverim group is being formed to serve youth in the 5th and 6th grade.  Our youth groups meet regularly, each according to its own schedule, for parties, trips, mitzvah projects, concerts, pool parties, overnight events, and all kinds of fun.

Our young people need to form social networks among their Jewish peers.   Religious School does not fully foster those social networks.  In addition, youngsters from Temple Or Rishon need to meet age mates from other synagogues.

The goals of our youth programs are to:  foster social interaction among age mates in the synagogue, cultivate social interaction among age mates from other area synagogues, develop social action programs for youth within the synagogue community and in the general community, and facilitate trips to places of Jewish and general interest.

Our Youth Group Advisors direct TASTY Bites, our youth group for middle school children, and TASTY, our high school youth group.  TASTY is formally affiliated with FTY, the national youth movement of Reform Judaism.  This year, TASTY will coordinate our annual International Shabbat Dinner, have social events throughout the year, and lead other tzedakah projects at the synagogue and in the community at large. 

temple youthTemple Or Rishon knows how important it is for our adolescents to be active in Jewish Life. We have many opportunities for pre- and post- B'nai Mitzvah to stay connected to the Jewish community. Teens have options when it comes to how they stay involved, from confirmation classes to youth group. TOR's youth group TASTY, and junior youth group TASTYBites both offer exciting activities to participate in throughout the year.

Young people in 8th through 12th grades can become members of TASTY. They will engage in parties, trips, mitzvah projects, concerts, pool parties, overnight events, and all kinds of fun. TASTY is a members-led organization so teens have the opportunity to create and lead their own programming. The group is led by a seven-person board of directors who work together with the help of an advisor to plan events in which they want to come. Being in TASTY means belonging to the larger national community of North American Federation of Temple Youth, otherwise known as NFTY. TASTY members can travel to other congregations and Camp Newman five times throughout the year to meet other Jewish teens.

Sixth and Seventh graders have a similar youth group designed just for them. This group meets bi-monthly and focuses mostly on social life. Teens in this group will look forward to programs from rock climbing to bowling, pool parties and museum outings. 

The goals of our youth programs are to:
1. Foster social interaction among teens in the synagogue,
2. Cultivate social interaction among teens from other synagogues in the area,
3. Develop social action programs for youth within the synagogue community and opportunities to make change in the secular community
4. Facilitate trips to places of Jewish and general interest
5. Create leadership positions for Jewish teens to develop life skills
6. Instill a lifelong love for Judaism