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Jerusalem Post

  1. German FM rejects predecessor’s characterization of ‘apartheid' Israel

    Earlier this month, Maas promised improved German-Israel relations in response to the tenure of his predecessor, Social Democratic foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel.
  2. Germany stalls Iran talks over labeling Hezbollah as terrorists

    Trump said in January that the European have until May 12 to work with the US and improve the Iran deal, or the US will withdraw from the agreement.
  3. Trump and Saudis engaged in nuclear talks

    Netanyahu asked US president not to sell nuclear reactors to Riyadh.
  4. Since Trump took office, settlement construction stats have dropped

    Right-wing politicians and settlers had anticipated a surge in his first year, given that he did not have the same no-tolerance policy toward settlement building as did his predecessor, Barack Obama.
  5. Analysis: Israel's intelligence battle over 2007 Syrian nuclear operation

    The Mossad and IDF intelligence agencies butted heads time and again in the lead up to the operation that took out a Syrian nuclear reactor.