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Jerusalem Post

  1. Cracks emerge in Palestinian Authority's boycott of U.S. peace plan

    Some senior Palestinian leaders adamantly believe that America holds the key to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  2. Pompeo: Trump will be launching 'maximum pressure campaign' on Iran regime

    The Iranian people are expressing their frustration with their government’s corruption and mismanagement.
  3. Surrogacy and equality: The acute emotional pain of childless families

    Israel is more than child-friendly, it is child-obsessed.
  4. Russian Envoy: Moscow, J'lem reached understandings on southwest Syria

    Netanyahu and Putin have met three times this year, and have now spoken on the phone at least 10 times, a frequency that underlines the degree of coordination between the two countries.
  5. IDF strikes balloon-launching terror cell in Gaza

    According to Channel 10, Palestinian media reported that six people were injured in the attack.