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Leslie Cohen

Leslie Cohen.JPGCont'd from Our Leadership page:

Apart from feeling at home at TOR, there's another reason the temple is near and dear to me: It's where I met my husband, Ned Cohen, (past president of TOR). This year we will celebrate our 20th anniversary! I grew up in the mid-west and my first experience in California was in the bay area. It was nice (what's not to like about California?!), but it didn't feel like home. After finishing graduate school I moved to Roseville and found my home away from home! I've been a nurse practitioner for over 25 years. I "retired" from Kaiser in 2012, but continue to run 8 flu clinics for Kaiser's North Valley during the flu season, August through January. It's hard to believe that TOR has been a part of my life for almost a quarter of a century! There have been many changes during that time; it seems impossible that in 2014 we're celebrating TOR's 30 anniversary! I look forward to continued participation within the Temple Or Rishon community.