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Kimberly Olker

Kimberly Olker.JPGContinued from Our Leadership 

After having our 2 sons, Daniel & Matthew, we officially joined TOR so that they could participate in the education program. Both boys went through the many years of Sunday school & Hebrew school, had their Bar Mitzvah, were confirmed and were both madrichim. Daniel is now in New York attending RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) as an aerospace engineering major. Matthew, a junior at Rocklin High School, is currently a madrich for Marcia. After college, I worked for years as an engineer at HP in the bay area, where I met my husband. When we moved to Rocklin and had kids, I started another career out of my passion for photography. I have been a professional photographer for almost 10 years and love the opportunities I have from this job. It’s wonderful to be able to attend services for a Bar/bat Mitzvah, feel spiritually fulfilled & also capture wonderful memories for the family. This has also been a wonderful way for me to meet more members of our wonderful congregation.  Being part of the TOR community for 20 years has been an important part of my life and for those in my family. I’ve made many close friends through this congregation and have an extended family through my Havurah. I’ve also had the honor of serving on multiple committees at TOR over the years, as well as serving as a trustee on the board.