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TASTY 2013-2014

SAY, WHAT'S YOUR NAME?! Say: Temple Or Rishon AKA Sunrise Temple Youth! Or you could just say TASTY.




tasty2What do we do? We have scavenger hunt havdallahs in Old Sacramento. We donate toys to needy children for Hanukkah. We have pool parties and theme dances and we take trips to San Francisco. We visit other synagogues to meet Jewish teens like us and we go to Camp Newman for NFTY weekend retreats.

Throughout the school year at Temple Or Rishon, you can look forward to monthly social events that include Jewish cultural values, Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), and holiday celebrations. On top of monthly events, TASTY members are invited to the North American Federation of Temple Youth's (NFTY's) five regional events of the year. These are weekend retreats where 100-150 teenagers from the Central West Region meet up and have the most fun doing Jewish things. This year, TASTY has been asked to host a NFTY event right here at Temple Or Rishon!tasty1

TASTY is a group led organization. This means that members of TASTY decide what kind of programming they would like to hold. An elected board of directors with seven members spends the year gaining leadership experience while creating cool events where everyone has fun and learns something new about themselves. The board elections are held in the spring and eighth graders entering high school are eligible to vote.

Check out our calendar and come to the next event!

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Current Leadership:


President:  Charles Harris

Programming VP:   Jacob Rabishaw

Programming VP:  Jordan Gill

Social Action VP:    Mitch Koumelis

Religious and Cultural VP:    Samantha Epworth

Membership/Communication VP:    Suzie Katz

Treasurer:    Toby Berkson